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Ansaldo SVA 5 ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ. Many aspects of the type, and its derivatives, appear here — for the first time in any language — and will prove invaluable to enthusiasts, the Ansaldo being deservedly popular as a colourful subject for scale modelling. To free Italy from its dependency on foreign technology, in mid-1916 Capitani Umberto Savoja and Rofolfo Verduzio, two engineers serving in Turin with the Direzione Tecnica dellAviazione Militare (DTAM), began working on a new project which, with the consent of Maggiore Ottavio Ricaldoni, was concealed as a study for a 100 hp training biplane. From this concept stemmed the rigid truss, plywood-covered fuselage and Warren-trussed wings. For our first Italian subject in the DATAFILE series the Ansaldo SVA 5 was the obvious choice and the combined talents of some of Italys best known aviation historians and enthusiasts has resulted in a unique contribution to WW1 aeronautical literature! Savoia and Verduzio were aided by Tenente ingegner Celestino Rosatelli who - although initially assigned to oversee the two draughtsmen - eventually calculated the aircraft and, designed it in construction form/(1) Following Italian practice, the aeroplane was named SV after Savoja and Verduzio.The SV abandoned the twin-tail boom and nacelle configuration of the Caudrons, Farmans and Voisins being built in Turin in favour of a modern fuselage design, in part inspired by examination of the wreck of an Austro-Hungarian aeroplane/2-* Given the shortage in Italy of vital aviation materials, including high-grade steel, spruce, fabric and dope, Savoja and Verduzio strove to produce an aircraft that achieved strength by design rather than by materials. With rare archive photographs, carefully-researched scale drawings and accurate colour notes, Gregory Alegi traces the development and service career of this distinctive and successful combat aeroplane.In 1915-1916 the Italian industry completed 1637 aircraft, of which only 168, all Caproni bombers of various models, were of indigenous design.

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