Learning Geospatial Analysis with Python


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НАУКА и УЧЕБА Learning Geospatial Analysis with Python . - Construct applications for GIS development by exploiting Python- Focuses on built-in Python modules and libraries compatible with the Python Packaging Index distribution system- no compiling of C libraries necessary- This is a practical, hands-on tutorial that teaches you all about Geospatial analysis in PythonWhat you will learn from this book- Automate Geospatial analysis workflows using Python- Code the simplest possible GIS in 60 lines of Python- Mold thematic maps with Python tools- Get a hold of the various forms the geospatial data comes in- Produce elevation contours using Python tools- Create flood inundation models- Learn Real-Time Data tracking and apply it in storm chasingThis book is for anyone who wants to understand digital mapping and analysis and who uses Python or another scripting language for automation or crunching data manually.This book primarily targets Python developers, researchers, and analysts who want to perform Geospatial, modeling, and GIS analysis with Python.

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